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Media Literacy Digest – May 24′ (Special European Elections)

The May Special Edition of the EDMO Media Literacy Digest focuses on preparing citizens for the 2024 European Parliament Elections through various media literacy activities. The #BeElectionSmart campaign is an EU-wide initiative aimed at helping voters find reliable information and recognise manipulative content. The EDUbox on politics educates young people on the political process, showing how their votes influence policies. AFP and BROD have introduced two digital courses to combat election disinformation, covering topics such as monitoring campaigns and addressing harmful content on election day. A public webinar by SALTO Participation & Information and BECID highlighted how cognitive biases are exploited in propaganda and disinformation. Additionally, IDMO, in partnership with Google, launched a prebunking initiative featuring videos that teach viewers to identify and stop the spread of misinformation online. This special edition emphasizes the importance of media literacy in ensuring informed and critical engagement with election information.