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Policy Analysis Overview



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Policy Analysis Overview

The activities of EDMO’s Policy research and analysis task include the academic monitoring and assessment of national and EU-level policies to tackle disinformation, reporting on relevant trends in anti-disinformation policymaking and research, cooperation and knowledge exchange amongst stakeholders, as well as expert support to the Code of Practice on Disinformation. The policy task works together with EDMO Hubs, public authorities, and other key stakeholders.

Monitoring And Informing Counter-Disinformation Policy

EDMO monitors the latest policy developments at the EU, national and industry levels and provides recommendations to policy makers on potential improvements to their responses to disinformation including self- and co-regulation. Disinformation causes disruptions in society, especially in the context of elections and emergencies. With past experiences of foreign interference in campaign periods, the COVID-19 pandemic, and most recently, Russia’s war in Ukraine, measures to deal with the issue are high on the agenda of many member state governments. Our reports look at some of the policy examples that aim to tackle this problem.

Latest Publications

Building A Community For Discussion And Knowledge Exchange

EDMO works on building a community of experts and stakeholders working on disinformation policy in Europe and beyond, bringing together academia, policymakers, civil society and NRAs. Our workshops and events provide a space to discuss the most pressing emerging issues in the field, as well as to generate and share knowledge which informs policymaking.

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