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Media Literacy Overview



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Media Literacy Community In Europe

EDMO is seeking to become a vital resource for the media literacy community in Europe, providing expertise, ideas and opportunities for connection that will empower media literacy practitioners and others in the fight against disinformation.

We are doing this by:

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Mapping the landscape to make sense of the fragmented and dispersed nature of the media literacy sector
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Promoting knowledge exchange among practitioners, policy makers and other experts across Europe
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Raising standards throughout the sector by providing guidance and identifying best practices

What is media literacy?

Media literacy is defined in various different ways. The European Commission defines media literacy as an umbrella expression that includes all the technical, cognitive, social, civic and creative capacities that allow a citizen to access, have a critical understanding of the media and interact with it.

Why media literacy?

Media literacy is undoubtedly a crucial tool in the fight against disinformation. A public that is both critically and digitally literate is much more likely to be able to assess the information they encounter online, to identify sources they can trust, and make well-informed decisions as citizens, consumers, and more. Being media literate opens up opportunities to engage more fully, creatively and critically with the online (and offline) media world.

Within EDMO

Within EDMOeu, media literacy work is the responsibility of the Media & Learning Association and the European University Institute, supported by the EDMO Advisory Council.
Within each of the EDMO national and multinational Hubs, a partner organisation is responsible for media literacy. The Hubs are developing a range of ambitious media literacy projects targeting their markets.

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