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Fact - Checking Overview


Collaborating partners:


Collaborating partners:

Fact-checking activities

EDMO has created a network of fact-checking organisations based in the EU to foster collaboration in contrasting disinformation.

EDMO’s fact-checking activities include:

The publication of monthly fact-checking briefs picturing the main disinformation trends;
The publication of cooperative investigations focused on specific disinformation topics;
The creation and update of a map of EU based fact-checking organizations and their main professional characteristics;
The creation of a searchable repository of online fact-checks available in several EU languages through automated translation;
The organization of trainings and events for fact-checkers.

Platform Functionalities

EDMO has also set-up a secure online platform supporting the detection and analysis of disinformation campaigns.

EDMO’s platform provides a variety of functionalities that support:

Real-time collaboration and communication among the members of EDMO’s communities;
Content monitoring and analysis of multimedia items;
Access to EU open data repositories

Cooperative Investigations

Fact-Checking Briefs