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Research Overview


Collaborating partners:

EDMO Is Supporting And Coordinating Research

EDMO is supporting and coordinating research to counter disinformation by:

Mapping European academic activities studying the disinformation phenomenon at scale from the viewpoint of different academic disciplines.
Continuously updating the already established repository of relevant scientific articles.
Mapping and updating open-source investigations of civil society organisations and researchers conducted across Europe in an easy to search database.
Building a repository of policy papers and other relevant content, including media literacy material specific to the disinformation phenomenon.
Negotiating with online platforms access to relevant, public and non-public online platforms’ data, in full respect of national and European laws for privacy and data protection.
Defining relevant datasets that data providers should make available to the research community.
Providing state-of the art tools and services for academic research activities enabling data analysis and network-oriented analysis.
Providing access through specific APIs to online platform data.
Providing ethical and professional standards for organisations conducting open-source investigations.