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EDMO is an independent observatory bringing together fact-checkers and academic researchers with expertise in the field of online disinformation, social media platforms, journalist driven media and media literacy practitioners.

EDMO promotes scientific knowledge on online disinformation, advances the development of fact-checking services and supports media literacy programmes.

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EDMO and the national or multinational hubs form a network aimed at countering disinformation and analysing its impact on society and democracy both at national and European level.

In December 2022 six newly established EDMO Hubs were officially announced, joining the eight existing ones launched in May 2021.

This extended EDMO network of hubs constitutes a multidisciplinary community of academic researchers, fact-checkers, media practitioners, digital literacy experts, and other relevant stakeholders. This community engages in detecting and exposing disinformation campaigns including by developing tools and methods to counter online disinformation, organises media literacy activities, and analyses digital media ecosystems across 28 countries in the EU and the EEA. The hubs are independent from any national or EU public authority

Who we are
Who we are