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🗺️ Update on #EDMOeu 🇪🇺 country profiles on #MediaLiteracy

New profiles are available on 🇧🇪 & 🇨🇿

🗣️ You can contribute to this work in progress & contact us with your comments and suggestions

@Edmo_Belux @BENEDMO_hub @CEDMOhub


📝Have you read the latest #EDMOeu Fact-Checking Brief?

The main focus is on #disinformation and #conspiracytheories regarding the earthquake in Turkey and Syria.

✈ Social media users falsely accuse US President Joe #Biden of traveling with young boys
🔎 That is his granddaughter Natalie – Read the fact check:

@EDMO_EUI #EDMOeu #FactCheck #Factchecking

⚠️False news of the month is about the earthquakes in #Turkiye

Caused by Americans via the #HAARP program to punish #Erdoğan as he does not obey #NATO

➡️ Detected by #EDMOeu #factchecking network
➡️ #FactCheck by @FactaNews

📉 Posts falsely link collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (#SVB) and others to digital currency plan enabling surveillance
❌ This is false – Read the fact check:

@EDMO_EUI #EDMOeu #FactCheck #Factchecking

Join #EDMOeu online event on Information #Governance and Institutional Trust in Digital Societies: Lessons Learned, Unlearned, and Emerging Best Practices.

🗓️ Wednesday 26 April
🕰️ 15h00 - 17h00
📍 Online

More details and registration ⤵️

The new #EDMOeu Fact-checking Brief is out!

Read to find out how:

⚪ Earthquake in #Turkiye & #Syria sparks #disinformation & conspiracy theories all over the #EU
⚪ False news about migrants are increasing

More here 👇👇


Domani si terrà "Siamo tutti creatori" il secondo incontro di "Appuntamento con i Digital Media", la Media Literacy di @TIMnewsroom per #IDMO #EDMOeu @EDMO_EUI

👉15 marzo 2023, alle ore 10:00

V Římě jsme s partnery ze sítě #EDMOeu diskutovaly o možnostech bližší spolupráce i přípravě na evropské volby.

Velké díky hostitelům z @IDMO_it a @UniLUISS!

🇪🇺 It was a pleasure to discuss cooperation and future plans with our #EDMOeu partners. Special attention was paid to the next #EUelection to make sure we are ready to stand #UnitedAgainstDisinformation.

Thank you @IDMO_it and @UniLUISS for having us!

IDMO - Italian Digital Media Observatory @IDMO_it


@EDMO_EUI and all the European Hubs together in @UniLUISS @LuissDataLab to share new projects and fight #disinformation 💪



📩Unisciti alla community di #IDMO su Telegram📱per combattere la #disinformazione💡e rimanere sempre aggiornato sui nostri progetti!💪 @EDMO_EUI #EDMOeu


💉 Fabricated article claims #Putin called for destruction of #Covid vaccines
❌ This is false: #Russia supports vaccination – Read the fact check:

@EDMO_EUI #EDMOeu #FactCheck #Factchecking

📣“Dal fact checking alle nuove tecnologie, le buone pratiche contro la disinformazione al convegno Reshaping the Infosphere organizzato da IDMO”

Il riassunto su @RaiNews 🗞️


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EDMO is an independent observatory bringing together fact-checkers and academic researchers with expertise in the field of online disinformation, social media platforms, journalist driven media and media literacy practitioners.

EDMO promotes scientific knowledge on online disinformation, advances the development of fact-checking services and supports media literacy programmes.

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In December 2022 six newly established EDMO Hubs were officially announced, joining the eight existing ones launched in May 2021.

This extended EDMO network of hubs constitutes a multidisciplinary community of academic researchers, fact-checkers, media practitioners, digital literacy experts, and other relevant stakeholders. This community engages in detecting and exposing disinformation campaigns including by developing tools and methods to counter online disinformation, organises media literacy activities, and analyses digital media ecosystems across 28 countries in the EU and the EEA. The hubs are independent from any national or EU public authority

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