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Lauri Tierala joins the European Digital Media Observatory as Programme Director

Lauri Tierala joins the European Digital Media Observatory as Programme Director
As EDMO Programme Director, the Europe and public affairs expert Lauri Tierala will lead the development of the observatory’s activities on online disinformation.

Lauri Tierala of Finland took up his new role in January 2022. He is based at the European University Institute’s School of Transnational Governance which hosts the secretariat of the European Digital Media Observatory (EDMO).

Until recently, Tierala was a partner and senior advisor at Miltton, a public affairs and communications consultancy. Previously, he was responsible for global and European public affairs at the airline Finnair. He brings a long track record in European politics, having previously served in the European Parliament and the European Movement, among others, and worked as a special advisor on EU affairs to the Finnish Prime Minister.

“I think that addressing the spread of disinformation is critical for our societies and democracy in Europe”, said Lauri Tierala. “I am happy to see that regulators, fact-checkers, researchers, media and much of the industry across join efforts to tackle disinformation. At EDMO we bring these actors together to improve the knowledge base of the fight against disinformation.”

Last week, Tierala met representatives from across the network in a meeting between the EDMO Executive Board and the National Hubs, during which the first months of operation of the national and regional hubs were discussed.

“Lauri Tierala experience in public affairs, management and communications will be invaluable to EDMO, commented Professor Miguel Maduro, Chair of the EDMO Executive board. “He is exactly what EDMO needed in the next stage of its development and at the moment EDMO’s European network is growing with the creation of the regional and national hubs.”

Professor Madeleine De Cock Buning, Chair of the EDMO Advisory Board, added: “I am excited to have Lauri joining us. With his broad managerial skill set and deep experience in public affairs, Lauri will undoubtedly soon prove to be an invaluable addition to the EDMO team.”