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Establishment of EDMO Working Group Media Literacy Standards and Best Practices

Establishment of EDMO Working Group Media Literacy Standards and Best Practices

EDMO has established a dedicated Working Group with a goal to raise media literacy levels across Europe, by developing quality standards, guidelines and best practices that new and existing practitioners can consult to increase the effectiveness of their projects. This is crucial to EDMO’s wider mission, as raising media literacy levels increases the public’s resilience to online mis- and disinformation.

While it is evident that in an area as complex and diverse as media literacy there will be no one-size-fits-all approach, the often-fragmented sector would benefit from a more united focus on standards. Both wider research and consultation with the EDMO Hubs and other experts has pointed to a need for more consistent and robust evaluation of initiatives, for example, and for more investigation into what works and why. Many of the organisations carrying out media literacy initiatives are small with limited resources and/or short-term funding, and increased guidance would allow them to direct these resources more effectively.

Having recourse to standards and guidelines would create a way for initiatives to claim a level of credibility, and would be useful for EDMO Hubs and others when compiling repositories or directories of interventions.

The quality standards and guidelines produced will primarily be a guidance and self-assessment tool for use by media literacy initiatives, based on research evidence and consultation. In addition, the standards and guidelines could be used by tech companies who have signed up to the Code of Practice on Disinformation in their efforts to address Commitment 17, and could be referred to by EDMO and others in analysing signatories’ reports.

The current Working Group on Standards and Best Practices includes members of the EDMO Advisory Board, the EDMOeu Media Literacy team and representatives from the EDMO Hubs:

  • Maja Cappello, European Audiovisual Observatory
  • Eileen Culloty, EDMO Ireland & Dublin City University
  • Emma Goodman, EUI/EDMO & LSE
  • Paula Gori, EUI/EDMO
  • Igor Kanizaj, University of Zagreb/DKMK
  • Maia Klaassen, BECID & University of Tartu
  • Sonia Livingstone, LSE
  • Chloé Pété, MLA/EDMO
  • Sally Reynolds, MLA/EDMO
  • Andy Stoycheff, BROD & NT Center
  • Vitor Tomé, IBERIFIER & Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa

To find out more about the Working Group, please join our event in conjunction with the Media & Learning Association on Friday 15 December.