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EDMO Online Training: “New tools in the InVID-WeVerify verification toolbox”

Thursday, 23 May 2024, 15:00-16:30 CEST (online)

The European Digital Media Observatory (EDMO) is pleased to offer this online training module on New tools in the InVID-WeVerify verification toolbox, organised in collaboration with the project.

During the training, participants will learn about detecting AI manipulations (deepfakes videos, synthetic images and AI voice cloning) through new tools in the InVID-WeVerify verification toolbox. Trainers will share with best practices, limitations and tips to overcome known issues.

Target audience

The training is open to stakeholders working to tackle disinformation including journalists, fact-checkers and researchers.

Meet your Trainers
Kalina Bontcheva
University of Sheffield
Denis Teyssou
Agence France-Presse / Paris Nanterre University

Prof. Dr. Kalina Bontcheva is an EDMO Advisory Council member, researching AI methods for detection and analysis of online disinformation. She has leadership roles in the EC-funded project, and the EDMO Ireland and BROD Hubs.

Denis Teyssou is a senior journalist managing Agence France-Presse (AFP) Medialab R&D and the founder of the InVID-WeVerify verification plugin, a toolbox with +120k users worldwide, developed during several EU-funded projects. Denis is currently the innovation manager of the (VERificiation Assisted by Articial Intelligence;; 2022-2025) and also a researcher on disinformation at Paris Nanterre University.

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