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EDMO 2023 Training Programme

EDMO 2023 Training Programme

EDMO has launched its training programme for 2023. The training programme includes both online and in-person modules aimed at supporting different stakeholders in understanding and tackling online disinformation. The training programme covers different areas of EDMO activities including media literacy, fact-checking and OSINT, research on disinformation and policy analysis. It also includes a series of modules aimed at better understanding and responding to disinformation from a multi-disciplinary perspective.

Check out EDMO’s 2023 Training Calendar below.

25 January 2023: Historical approaches to disinformation and conspiracy theories (online)

4 April 2023: Training for the Ordine dei Giornalisti della Toscana (in person)

10 May 2023: EU Policy on Disinformation (online)

8 June 2023: The InVID-WeVerify toolbox (online)

28 June 2023: Media Literacy Repositories: What works? (online)

13 July 2023: Guidelines for Public Interest OSINT Investigations (online)

13 September 2023: Training series for researchers: YouTube (online)

19 September 2023: The economics of disinformation (online)

10 October 2023: Media Literacy Campaigns (online)

18 October 2023: From single false news to narratives’ analysis and prebunking (online)

17 November 2023: OSINT Tools and techniques (in-person)

6 December 2023: The InVID-WeVerify toolbox (online)

Further information about each training module, trainers and links to applications will be available here.