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Call for Papers: (Generative) AI and Disinformation | IJOC Special Section

Call for Papers: (Generative) AI and Disinformation | IJOC Special Section

About the IJOC Special Section

This Special Section of the International Journal of Communication explores the intersection of Generative AI and disinformation. As AI technologies advance, so do the capabilities of those seeking to misuse them for synthesising and spreading disinformation. This section is a timely exploration of the multifaceted relationship between AI, particularly generative AI models, and the production, contents, distribution, and effects of disinformation.

The section also welcomes contributions highlighting the use of these technologies for the implementation of potential solutions and mitigative strategies. It aims to shed light on the complex dynamics of generative AI and disinformation, fostering informed discourse and facilitating the development of effective strategies for addressing these challenges.

EDMO Scientific Conference 2024

This Special Section is derived from the European Digital Media Observatory (EDMO) Scientific Conference on Disinformation 2024, which was an interdisciplinary gathering of scholars interested in unravelling the intricacies of disinformation in today’s rapidly evolving information ecosystem. The aim of this conference was to foster a comprehensive dialogue on the challenges, impacts, and strategies for addressing disinformation across various fields.

During this conference, which was attended by 120+ multidisciplinary colleagues, there was a special panel on “Disinformation in an AI Age: AI-Powered Problems and Solutions” which featured various presentations exploring the role of AI technologies in both the dissemination and counteraction of the spread of disinformation. This Special Section is inspired by the appetite for and reception towards the research exploring this particular timely and influential topic.

Scope of contributions

Contributions to this Special Section may cover a diverse array of disciplinary perspectives, including but not limited to communication science, computational social science, computer science, psychology, sociology and political science. Authors are encouraged to adopt interdisciplinary approaches that bridge the gap between technical understanding and societal impact.

Submissions may range from empirical studies and theoretical frameworks to case analyses and policy recommendations, providing a comprehensive examination of the challenges and opportunities arising from the convergence of generative AI and disinformation. Special focus will be on questions relating to elections, electoral integrity, democracy, and journalism. We would welcome in particular research with a cross-platform approach, cases from the Global South as well as investigations with a multi-modal focus.

Deadline for submissions:

31st December 2024

Please ensure that your submission is in line with IJOC’s paper submission guidelines, which can be found here:

Contact person:

Aqsa Farooq, University of Amsterdam, [email protected]