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An eventful one-year anniversary for the EDMO Project

An eventful one-year anniversary for the EDMO Project

Between 7-11 June, the European Digital Media Observatory brought together 500+ participants to celebrate its first annual conference, EDMO Week: United Against Online Disinformation. The event gathered a wide range of stakeholders jointly working to tackle online disinformation, including academics, fact-checkers, media literacy experts, regulatory authorities, online platforms, civil society, and the policy sector.

Every afternoon EDMO Week set the scene for lively discussions with more than 50 speakers on a wide range of key topics: from the need for a multi-stakeholder approach in tackling online disinformation to fact-checking in the context of a global pandemic, and from the role of research and policy to media literacy and other local initiatives.

Highlights included the keynote speech by European Commission Vice-President for Values and Transparency Věra Jourová and the official presentation of the EDMO national/multinational hubs that have joined the EDMO network to provide local insight.

The event was also the occasion for two informal morning conversations. The two side events focused respectively on the key role of cooperation among fact-checkers and on the challenges and proposals for a methodology to assess the Code of Practice and its impact.

More than 500 attendees registered to use the online event platform, with hundreds of exchanged messages, connections made, and participation in live discussions.

All recordings can be accessed here and on the event’s platform (for those who pre-registered) which be available to continue hosting your 1:1 interaction and more until December 2021.