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Thank you for your interest in joining EDMO’s fact-checking community and collaborative verification workspace.

The European Digital Media Observatory promotes collaborative investigations among fact-checkers. For that purpose, among other things, it provides free access to the collaborative verification platform, based on Truly Media, a technological platform for carrying out collaborative investigations developed by ATC and Deutsche Welle. Fact-checkers that are part of the network maintain full editorial independence, and are asked to be an active part in the community according to their expertise.

How to join EDMO’s fact-checking Community?
In order to evaluate your application, we kindly ask you to provide some additional information about the applicant organization by filling in the admission form below.
A committee set up by external reviewers as well as the Advisory and Executive boards of EDMO will evaluate applications in accordance to the Admission Criteria, as outlined on EDMO’s website.
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    General Information

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    Is your organisation part of a National Hub on Disinformation?


    Please provide a brief description of your organization’s activities, including its full or at least significant focus on the European Union/EU Member State(s)

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    Is your organisation a signatory of the Code of Principles of the International Fact-Checking Network?


    Please list at least 15 fact-checking articles published by your organisation in the 3 months before the application

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    Governance and conflict of interest

    Is governance and sources of funding public and transparent in your organization’s website or in other publicly accessible sources?


    Please provide a link to the relevant info:

    Does your organization benefit from public funding?


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    Does your organisation have an editorial board?


    Editorial policy

    Is all material produced by your organization and related to mis- and disinformation published on its website?


    Please specify its other dissemination channels:

    Ethical responsibility

    My organization does not willingly contribute to the circulation and spread of false information.


    My organization publicly corrects its errors though the publishing of corrections and clarifications.


    My organization protects the identity and dignity of all individuals involved, including that of those who have been misidentified or falsely accused.


    My organization adheres to the rules of ethics in its area of expertise.


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