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Lakmusz-HDMO at Budapest French Institute ‘Fake News’ Week

15 April 2024 - 19 April 2024 - CET
French Institute, Budapest, Hungary

Members of Lakmusz-HDMO consortium AFP, Political Capital and IDEA take part to the “Fake News” week, organised by Budapest French Institute. 
On April 17, Peter Kreko (Political Capital), Krisztina Nagy (Idea Alapítvány) and Jastinder Khera (AFP) will be among the speakers at a public roundtable discussion entitled “Fake news and democracy in the digital age”. 
The same week, AFP will deliver its second fact-checking training for journalists and students in journalism as part of Lakmusz-HDMO project. AFP fact-checkers and IDEA foundation will also provide a media literacy workshop for a class, displaying the tool for children, at the French Cultural Institute. 

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