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Building effective Media Literacy Repositories within the EDMO Hubs

Building effective Media Literacy Repositories within the EDMO Hubs

Date and time: Wednesday 28 June, 14:00-15:30 CEST (online)

Many EDMO hubs are either already developing or considering the development of a repository of media literacy materials. During this session, several experienced developers of media literacy repositories will share their experience of developing and maintaining such repositories. What are the challenges and pitfalls? How do you ensure the quality and suitability of materials? What’s the best way to maintain such a repository and ensure the contents continue to be relevant and fit for purpose?  These are just some of the questions we plan to tackle during this session.

The training is open to the members of the EDMO Hubs. Read more about the EDMO Hubs here.


14:00 Welcome words by Lisa Ginsborg followed by short Introduction from Sally Reynolds
14:05 Purpose of the session by Emma Goodman
14:10 Bert Pieters, BELUX / Mediawijs, Belgium: presentation of the BELUX repository
14:25 Q&A
14:30 Maia Klaassen, BECID / University of Tartu, Estonia: presentation of the SALTO Participation Resource Pool
14:45 Q&A
14:50 Matthew Johnson, MediaSmarts, Canada: presentation of their teacher/parents’ resources
15:05 Q&A
15:10 Maria Joao Filipe, School Libraries Network: presentation of their Media & Information Literacy repository for School Libraries
15:25 Q&A
15:30 Closing open discussion moderated by Sally Reynolds & Emma Goodman

Meet your Trainers

Bert Pieters
Bert Pieters
Maia Klaassen
Maia Klaassen
University of Tartu and Baltic Engagement Centre for Combating Information Disorders (BECID)
Matthew Johnson
Matthew Johnson
Maria João Filipe
Maria João Filipe
Portuguese Ministry of Education - School Libraries Network

Bert Pieters is staff member polarisation, disinformation and online hate at Mediawijs, the Flemish knowledge center for digital and media literacy. He co-created different educational tools about propaganda, conspiracy thinking, polarization and online hate. He currently coordinates the media literacy activities within EDMO BELUX and supports the TeaMLit project that aims to form and strengthen a network of teacher trainers working on media literacy in Europe.

Maia Klaassen is a Junior Research Fellow in Media Literacy at the University of Tartu. Besides teaching subjects related to information disorders, she is also a Program Manager for the microdegree Information Resilience. She is the coordinator for the Baltic EDMO hub BECID and has facilitated MIL trainings in the NGO field for over 10 years as a youth trainer.

Matthew Johnson is the director of Education for MediaSmarts, Canada’s centre for digital media literacy. He is responsible for the development of MediaSmarts’ resources for teachers, youth, parents and resources and is involved in MediaSmarts research programs including Young Canadians in a Wireless World, which has been running since 2001.

With a degree in Modern Languages and Literature, Portuguese and French Studies, she taught Portuguese and French between 1989 and 2006. She has been involved with school libraries since 2003 and has completed a postgraduate course in Information Management and School Libraries at the Open University. She worked in the School Libraries Network’s Office (SLN) from 2006 to 2009. For 10 years she was a teacher librarian, and a SLN Inter-Council Coordinator as well. Since 2019-2020 integrates full-time in the SLN Coordinating Office Team.