Collaborative investigations are regularly produced as a result of joint analysis by members of the EDMO fact-checking network. These investigations provide insights on specific topics most targeted by disinformation.
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06 Dec: “Died suddenly” yet another conspiracy video about Covid-19 vaccines, reigniting disinformation with the same old hoaxes

Organizations of the EDMO’s fact-checking network that contributed to this analysis: Pagella Politica –, AFP, Delfi,, Eesti Päevaleht, Ellinika Hoaxes, Faktabaari, Faktisk, Lakmusz, Maldita, Mimikama, Nieuwscheckers, Re:Baltica, Science Feedback, The Journal – FactCheck, TjekDet, Verificat.

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18 Mar: From COVID-19 denialism to pro-Putin hoaxes: the mutation of disinformation groups on Telegram in Spanish

From spreading falsehoods like “COVID-19 does not exist” or “vaccines carry killer chips”, some bad actors have turned quasi automatically to a full-hearted defense of the Russian attack on Ukraine based on disinformation. The largest Telegram pandemic conspiracy groups now defend Putin and his invasion. And they do so with hoaxes. At we are going to tell you how 10 of the most followed channels do it, all of them within 9,000 to 240,000 followers.