Welcome to EDMO HighFive

The server is in perfect condition, STARTED at 24th of March, 2019. 18:00 hour!!! SUCCESS with 400+ online and growing. server is for LONG! Now server is LIVE, Here is some info about the server ;)

RATES: XP 70x, SP 70x, Adena 50x, drop 25x, safe 3 max 16 gm shop up to dynasty,vesper vorpal drop, mw craft chance 5%, hellbound x5

AugmentationNGSkillChance = 30
AugmentationNGGlowChance = 0
AugmentationMidSkillChance = 40
AugmentationMidGlowChance = 50
AugmentationHighSkillChance = 60
AugmentationHighGlowChance = 70
AugmentationTopSkillChance = 75
AugmentationTopGlowChance = 100
AugmentationBaseStatChance = 1
AugmentationAccSkillChance = 30

Custom NPC:
buffer, gmshops, teleports, siege, symbol maker, raidboss teleporter etc...


Other events:
Enchant event, April fools event, Fall harvest event, group vs group event, L2day event, PC cafe points event (santa and march8 events will start on next year)
.control - Character control panel
.away .back - away mode(AFK)
.vote - Use it every 12 hours to claim Reward from Voting
.online - Shows how many players are online in game
.offline - Sets Offline Private Store
.repair - Repairing character located in same account
.password - Changing Password of your Account
.buffstore - Setup Offline Buffer Store
.buffshield - Protects you from unwanted buff
.siege - Full siege information
.combine - Combines all same type talismans, into 1 with the total duration!
.dressme - Change your visual texture appearance of Armor/Weapon/Cloak!
.npcspawn - Spawn NPCs in ClanHalls!
.party [message] - Find Party System
.report - Target a player you think is botting, and punish him!
.achievements .ach - Open achievement menu
CTRL+CLICK - Hold Ctrl and click attry to use the stones on your armor!
.engage - Offer marries to target
.divorce - Break relationship and become free
.gotolove - Teleport to your wife or husband
ALT+B Buffer and teleporter

Other info:In game working premium account system, olympiad 2 weeks(1 and 15days), sieges ,tw , clan hall wars, many new instances, newbie helpers, achievements system, balancer system, database engine, vote reward. Working and tested Vitality, nevits blessing, PC bang points.
CLAN reward system for new clans

How to Connect

It is very simple. What do you have to do?
Just follow the steps below and you'll be able to enjoy a unique experience in our server!
If you're having any problem, please join our community for support.
Download and Install Lineage II HighFive

Note: Once installed, do not start the game and do not Update it.

Download and Install EDMO System


How to install it? It's very simple. Follow these steps:
Download System_edmo.rar
Save System_edmo.rar in your Desktop
Unzip the System_edmo.rar
Copy the files that you just unziped
Now paste the files in your Lineage II Directory

Default: C:/Program Files x86/Nc Soft/Lineage II
Go in your system folder & run "l2.exe"
Accounts are auto-created


Server Status


Vote for us


No. Name PVPs
1 Meruem 152
2 Dash 117
3 Smad 114
4 Anhela 90
5 DayWalker 87
6 United 83
7 iQQpwnz 77
8 Soultaker 63
9 YouHatedMe 62
10 EagleEye 59


No. Name PKs
1 Kamaelou 156
2 Afanel 142
3 DayWalker 99
4 tuly 74
5 Kamaelous 55
6 EagleEye 48
7 sebastien 45
8 Smad 44
9 Anhela 43
10 Broken 43

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