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Media literacy

EDMO is seeking to become a vital resource for the media literacy community in Europe, providing expertise, ideas and opportunities for connection that will empower media literacy practitioners and others in the fight against disinformation.

We will do this primarily by:

  • Mapping stakeholders and creating country profiles, to offer an overview of the state of media literacy in Europe
  • Providing examples and case studies of different types of media literacy projects, to demonstrate the breadth of initiatives that address a variety of skills and target audiences
  • Facilitating networking and knowledge exchange between practitioners across Europe

The importance of media literacy in fighting disinformation

  • Media literacy is undoubtedly a crucial tool in the fight against disinformation.
  • Media literacy education is crucial for adults as well as children.
  • It is certainly not the only solution to the problem of disinformation.

The role of EDMO

EDMO is in the process of compiling the following resources:

  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Country profiles
  • Examples of good practice
  • Networking opportunities

Country profiles

EDMO is producing country profiles for each Member State that present:

  • an overview of media literacy,
  • national policies or frameworks,
  • key stakeholders,
  • the status of media literacy in the national curriculum and outside formal education

Read the full report on “Media Literacy in Europe and the role of EDMO”.

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