Our Trainings
EDMO aims to regularly provide one day residential or online training modules on understanding and tackling online disinformation. EDMO’s multi-and cross-disciplinary training approach is aimed at responding to the most pressing training needs and recent trends in the disinformation field and fact-checking practices.
EDMO plans to adapt its training offer to the constantly changing nature of the disinformation phenomenon and to respond to the training needs of various actors in the information and media field, combining academic knowledge with hands-on and solutions-oriented modules.

Applications for the first training module have opened.

In order to help identify the most relevant topics for the different training sessions, EDMO will conduct online surveys for stakeholders working on tackling online disinformation. Surveys will be launched on the EDMO Webpage every six months.
Take our first survey for stakeholders working on tackling online disinformation. The survey will close on 10 February 2021.