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The European University Institute (EUI) is a distinctly international postgraduate teaching and research institute in the social sciences. The EUI relies on the expertise of its School of Transnational Governance and Centre for Media Pluralism and Media Freedom for the coordination of EDMO.

Aarhus University

Aarhus University, an expert in big data collection and applied machine learning on social media data. Member of the High Level Expert Group on Fake News and Disinformation. Aarhus will contribute to the mapping of academic research capabilities on disinformation in Europe.


Athens Technology Center, a tech expert on fighting disinformation. ATC coordinates the SOMA project, operating the European observatory against disinformation. ATC will set-up and operate a secure online platform supporting the detection and analysis of disinformation campaigns.

Pagella Politica

Pagella Politica, an experienced fact-checker dedicated to verifying claims made by politicians and public figures, using publicly available or specifically requested data, facts and figures. Pagella Politica will contribute to the mapping of fact-checking activities in Europe.

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The European Digital Media Observatory brings together fact-checkers and academic researchers with expertise in the field of online disinformation, and open to collaboration with media organisations and media literacy practitioners.
It promotes scientific knowledge on online disinformation, advances the development of EU fact-checking services and supports media literacy programmes. EDMO also supports public authorities assessing the implementation of the EU Code of Practice on Disinformation.

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Monthly fact-checking brief no. 21 is out

EDMO has published its latest monthly fact-checking brief. Focus on: The earthquake in Turkey and Syria sparks disinformation and conspiracy theories all over the EU.

EDMO online event: Information Governance and Institutional Trust in Digital Societies: Lessons Learned, Unlearned, and Emerging Best Practices

Join the EDMO online event, and register by 24 April.

Periodic insight on Ukraine no.17 is out

EDMO has published its latest periodic insight and early warning on disinformation narratives on Ukraine. Focus on: Attacking NATO and Bakhmut.