War in Ukraine: The fact-checked disinformation detected in the EU

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United Against Disinformation: A Truly European Response

The Vice-President of the European Parliament Eva Kaili invites you to hear about the latest innovations in the fight against disinformation.

EDMO Online Training: “The InVID-WeVerify verification toolbox”

The European Digital Media Observatory (EDMO) is pleased to announce the launch of its online training module on “The InVID-WeVerify verification toolbox”, organised in collaboration with the Observatoire de l’Information et des médias (DE FACTO), the Ireland Hub and the vera.ai project.

Wednesday Webinars on Digital & Media Literacy in Europe

The Media & Learning Association together with the European Digital Media Observatory (EDMO) is running a series of online seminars on the work of the EDMO Hubs on Media Literacy

Next stop for #EDMOeu ➡️ Brussels

VP of European Parliament @EvaKaili invites you to hear about the latest innovations in the fight against #disinformation.

Number of seats is limited, register here 👇


"Nejdůležitější dezinformační političtí aktéři mají dobré vztahy s Ruskem. Není tedy moc překvapením, že více než padesát procent Slovenska fandí Rusku, aby vyhrálo na Ukrajině." @yossariantom #CIC2022 @CEDMOhub @EDMO_EUI #EDMOeu

2. den #CIC2022. Fact-checking panel a 1. dnešní řečník @PDuboczi: "Samotné ověřování faktů není jen o opravě falešných přesvědčení. Je to způsob, jak chránit naše demokracie a instituce."@CharlesUniPRG @CEDMOhub #EDMOeu

📢 Follow live #CIC2022 panel "#Media & #information literacy in the age of global crisis and confrontations"
💻 Connect here: http://bit.ly/CIC-media

📢 Follow live #CIC2022 panel "#Ukraine & #COVID19: challenges and lessons learned"
💻 Connect here: http://bit.ly/CIC-Ukraine

📢 Follow live #CIC2022 panel "#Disinformation, #media freedom & #journalism"
💻 Connect here: http://bit.ly/CIC-disinfo

Sledujte s námi zítřejší panel Fact-checking v rámci konference #CIC2022: Ukrajina a Covid 19, výzvy a ponaučení👉https://youtu.be/OXLGD_wqlg8 Na koho se můžete těšit? @yossariantom Juliane von Reppert-Bismarck @LieDetectorsOrg @dannyctkemp @EDMO_EUI #EDMOeu

Nenechte si ujít zajímavá témata z panelu Mediální gramotnosti již zítra, 23. září 2022 @divinameigs @mikkovsalo @Milena_Dobreva v rámci #CIC2022 👉https://bit.ly/3fcjOAm @CEDMOhub @EDMO_EUI #EDMOeu @KnihovnaPraha @PrahaEU

🙏 Thanks to all our partners for participating in this productive day!
🕤We meet again tomorrow at 9:30 am CET
#CIC2022 #EDMOeu

Our Beacon team is present at the @CEDMOhub international conference "#Europe Tackles #Information Chaos" in #Prague 🇨🇿 #CIC2022 #EDMOeu #CEDMO #disinformation @JRohozinska @adam_lelonek @JonasSyrovatka

The @CEDMOhub conference #CIC2022 has started!
Join online for the opening and morning talks on http://bit.ly/CIC-Opening
Speakers include(d): @ZdenekHrib, @VeraJourova, @alexstubb, @jospang, @KralickovaM, @LubosKuklis, @KormanakMichal and many more!
#CEDMO #EDMOeu #disinformation

💬 "Jsme na začátku boje proti dezinformacím. Jde o největší hrozbu od konce druhé světové války." @MaduroPoiares #CIC2022 #EDMOeu #CEDMOhub @PrahaEU

Aprendiendo en #Praga sobre la importancia de cómo afrontar la desinformación en el @CEDMOhub International Conference Europe Tackles Information Chaos

#CIC2022 #EDMOeu #ProyectoIveres @rtve @rsalaverria @iberifier @VeraJourova @jospang @riotta @LTierala @kbontcheva @alexstubb

In Prague 🇨🇿 at #CIC2022.
Marking 1st anniversary of #EDMOeu regional hubs fighting #disinformation & pro-Kremlin information manipulation in every region of Europe.
Such complex threat requires all hands on board,w/ measures ranging from countermeasures to increasing resilience.

💬 "Co je nezákonné offline, musí být nezákonné online." Dezinformace se staly mocnou zbraní. Putin nám ukázal, jak daleko je s propagandou schopen zajít. @VeraJourova #CIC2022 #CEDMOhub #EDMOeu

💬 EDMO Chair @MaduroPoiares:
"#EDMOeu is neither the judge nor the police of the truth. We mobilise the community of the stakeholders that work in our civil society to fight disinformation"
#CIC2022 @CEDMOhub

🎙 "We are now facing #disinformation attacks from the dictatorial regime of Putin. As a response, Prague will exhibit "Stories of Gratitude" to thank the people of Prague for their help."
@ZdenekHrib, Mayor of
💻 Follow live: http://bit.ly/CIC-Opening
#CIC2022 #EDMOeu

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Who We Are

 Meet The Partners


The European University Institute (EUI) is a distinctly international postgraduate teaching and research institute in the social sciences. The EUI relies on the expertise of its School of Transnational Governance and Centre for Media Pluralism and Media Freedom for the coordination of EDMO.

Aarhus University

Aarhus University, an expert in big data collection and applied machine learning on social media data. Member of the High Level Expert Group on Fake News and Disinformation. Aarhus will contribute to the mapping of academic research capabilities on disinformation in Europe.


Athens Technology Center, a tech expert on fighting disinformation. ATC coordinates the SOMA project, operating the European observatory against disinformation. ATC will set-up and operate a secure online platform supporting the detection and analysis of disinformation campaigns.

Pagella Politica

Pagella Politica, an experienced fact-checker dedicated to verifying claims made by politicians and public figures, using publicly available or specifically requested data, facts and figures. Pagella Politica will contribute to the mapping of fact-checking activities in Europe.

Our Focus

We Focus On The Following Activities

The EDMO Hubs

Our network of hubs


EDMO and the national or multinational hubs form a network aimed at countering disinformation and analysing its impact on society and democracy both at national and European level.

Through the Connecting Europe Facility, the European Commission allocated more than 11 million euros to finance the first eight hubs which were officially announced in May 2021.

Since then, the hubs are building a multidisciplinary community of academic researchers, fact-checkers, media practitioners, and other relevant stakeholders. This community engages in detecting and exposing disinformation campaigns including by developing tools and methods to counter online disinformation, organises media literacy activities, and analyses digital media ecosystems across 15 countries in the EU and the EEA. The hubs are independent from any national or EU public authority.