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EDMO Hubs meeting Dubrovnik
EDMO Hubs meeting in Dubrovnik (28-29 September 2023)

The European Digital Media Observatory (EDMO) is pleased to gather with the fourteen  EDMO Hubs in Dubrovnik on 28-29 September 2023. Hosted by the Adria Digital Media Observatory (ADMO) at the University of Dubrovnik, this two-day hybrid meeting will bring together the multidisciplinary EDMO network of fact-checkers, media literacy experts, and academic researchers active across all 27 EU member states to tackle online disinformation. The meeting will focus on the next steps for collaboration in the main areas of activity of the EDMO network. It will also allow deeper conversations into pressing topics including elections-related disinformation, generative AI and Structural Indicators. The reunion of the network in Dubrovnik is also the occasion for the EDMO Executive Board to hold an in-person meeting.

The event will be followed by the 16th Dubrovnik Media Days on 29-30 September 2023. The International Scientific Conference on Disinformation Research: Current Trends and Perspectives is organised in cooperation with the European Digital Media Observatory (EDMO) and the Croatian Academy of Science and Arts and with the support of the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung.

The previous in-person meeting of the EDMO Hubs in Rome was hosted by the Italian Digital Media Observatory (IDMO) and took place in March 2023.

More information on the EDMO Hubs is available here.

Updates on the EDMO Hubs meeting in Dubrovnik will be available on this page.

Programme Day 1

Thursday, 28 September 2023 (14:00 – 18:35 CEST)

14:00 – 14:10 CEST Registrations 
14:10 – 14:20 CEST Welcome and opening addresses 

  • Paolo Cesarini | EDMO Programme Director, European University
    Institute, STG and EDMO
  • Mato Brautović | Coordinator, Adria Digital Media Observatory (ADMO),
    University of Dubrovnik
14:20 – 14:30 CEST Looking at the future

  • Krisztina Stump | Head of Unit, Media Convergence and Social Media,
    European Commission DG CNECT
14:30 – 14:40 CEST Coordination updates and next steps

  • Elena Maggi | EDMO Hubs Coordinator, European University Institute, STG
    and EDMO
14:30 – 14:40 CEST EDMO Hubs Working Groups: updates and next steps (Part I)

  • Media Literacy: Sally Reynolds | EDMO Director for Media Literacy,
    Media & Learning Association and EDMO
  • Fact-checking network: Tommaso Canetta | EDMO Fact-checking
    Coordinator, Pagella Politica and EDMO
  • Policy Research and Analysis: Konrad Bleyer-Simon | EDMO Policy
    Research and Analysis, European University Institute, CMPF and EDMO
15:25 – 15:45 CEST Open discussion 
15:45 – 16:05 CEST Break 
16:05 – 16:35 CEST Plenary discussion on national and European elections

Ahead of the 2024 European Parliament Elections: what are the lessons learned from
national experiences of disinformation around elections? What can EDMOeu and the EDMO
Hubs do to counter disinformation and safeguard a free and fair electoral debate?
Moderator: Giovanni Zagni | Chair of
the EDMO Taskforce on 2024 EP Elections, EDMO Director for Fact-checking, Pagella
Politica and EDMO

  • Michal Šenk | Charles University and Central European Digital Media
    Observatory (CEDMO)
  • Peter Kreko | Political Capital Institute and Hungarian Hub against
    disinformation (HDMO)
  • Ramón Salaverría | University of Navarra and Iberian Digital Media
    Research and Fact-Checking Hub (IBERIFIER)

Open discussion

16:35 – 17:35 CEST Exchange on project results from the EDMO Hubs

  • 16:35 – 16:50, Ferre Wouters | Belgium-Netherlands Digital Media and
    Disinformation Observatory (BENEDMO)
  • 16:50 – 17:05, Peter Kreko and Blanka Zöldi | Hungarian hub against disinformation
  • 17:05 – 17:20, Keith Peter Kiely and Ruslana Margova |
    Bulgarian-Romanian Observatory of Digital Media (BROD)
  • 17:20 – 17:35, Stephan Mündges  | German-
    Austrian Digital Media Observatory (GADMO)
17:35 – 18:35 CEST Multi-culti Aperitivo 

Programme Day 2

Friday, 29 September 2023 (10.00 – 13.00 CEST)

10:00 – 10:10 CEST Opening and overview of the day
10:10 – 10:40 CEST EDMO Hubs Working Groups: updates and next steps (Part II)

  • Communication: Paula Gori | EDMO Secretary General, European University Institute, STG and EDMO
  • Research: Claes de Vreese | EDMO Director for Research, University of Amsterdam
10:40 – 11:00 CEST Open discussion
11:00 – 11:20 CEST Break
11:20 – 11:50 CEST Plenary discussion on generative AI and disinformation

What can EDMO contribute to the debate on generative AI and disinformation?
Moderator: Claes de Vreese | EDMO Director for Research, University of Amsterdam and EDMO

  • Raquel Miguel Serrano | EU DisinfoLab and Belgium-Luxembourg Research Hub on Digital Media and Disinformation (EDMO BELUX)
  • Kalina Bontcheva | Bulgarian-Romanian Observatory of Digital Media (BROD), EDMO Ireland Hub, EDMO Advisory Council, University of Sheffield and scientific director of
  • Stephan Mündges  | TU Dortmund University and German-Austrian Digital Media Observatory (GADMO)

Open discussion

11:50 – 12:50 CEST Workshop on Structural Indicators

Structural Indicators are key to understanding dimensions of disinformation online and to assessing the effectiveness of the Code of Practice on Disinformation. They are an element of transparency and public scrutiny. EDMO Policy Research and Analysis team
and EDMO Expert Group have been informing the process of development and testing Structural Indicators. This workshop is aimed at discussing the progress thus far and steps needed to ensure that Structural Indicators are sound and implemented in an independent
way – and the role of EDMO and EDMO hubs in this process, especially the potential role of EDMO and EDMO hubs in the implementation of the Structural Indicators.

Moderator: Iva Nenadić | EDMO Policy Research and Analysis, European University Institute, CMPF, University of Zagreb and EDMO

12:50 – 13:00 CEST Closing remarks

  • Paula Gori | EDMO Secretary General, European University Institute, STG and EDMO