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Call for Interest for new Signatories to join the Code of Practice on Disinformation

EDMO is pleased to share the Call opened by the European Commission, which, together with the EEAS, ERGA, and current signatories, invites new players from the online information ecosystem active in the EU to join the 2022 Strengthened Code of Practice on Disinformation, by signing up to commitments and measures relevant to their services and activities.

The new Code presented on 16 June 2022 is a voluntary and co-regulatory instrument developed and signed by 34 signatories. By joining the 2022 Code, new signatories will be part of an EU-wide forum gathering a wide range of relevant players aiming to strengthen their actions, share best practices, and improve cooperation to mitigate the risks stemming from disinformation in the EU.

EDMO emphasises the importance of a multidisciplinary and multistakeholder effort to contribute to the fight against disinformation successfully. Indeed, EDMO will have a seat in the permanent Taskforce that will ensure that the Code adapts and evolves in view of technological, legislative, societal, and market developments.

Stakeholders interested in becoming a Signatory are invited to submit an expression of interest following the steps explained in the Call for interest to the Taskforce of the Code of Practice by emailing [email protected].

In case of questions, interested parties are encouraged to reach out for further information to the Task-force that can provide them with tailored information and advice.